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One of the most critical conversations ALL ORGANIZATIONS can have right now is:

‘How can we COLLABORATE to rebuild our shattered economy?’

YOU have ideas & resources. We ALL have ideas & resources. Together we have EXPONENTIAL supply of ideas & resources. Let’s put our heads together & TAKE ACTION..!

Proactive Chamber members achieved so much by VIRTUAL CONVERSATIONS over the first 100 days of lockdown that we can confidently commit to hosting the bringing together of LEADERS from all sectors (whether in political, business or civil organizations) on

1-Day – HERITAGE Day – THURSDAY 24th SEPTEMBER – 09:00 to 17:00

To get an idea of how the day will go, listen in to:
VIRTUAL Trade Fair™ held 19-22 June 2020 – VIRTUAL Trade Fair™ Speakers on YouTube &
WISDOMS™ Global Summit held 24 July 2020 – WISDOMS™ Global Summit Channel on YouTube

It takes YOU to say.. ‘OK, I’m in!’.. and to commit to TAKE ACTION as we do. Participation in this 1-Day VIRTUAL EVENT will blow YOU & YOUR ORGANIZATION away for what it reveals of the immediate & future potential of doing business in the virtual realm. It blows us away every day.. and it is so simple!

Connect with us & tell us how you would like to contribute

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