To register as an exhibitor and setup your self-install VIRTUAL Stall, please follow these steps.


1. Read below OUR commitment to YOU and how YOU can participate in this event.

2. Enter your details and YOUR commitment in the form below.

3. Click Register and this will lead you through the setup process for your VIRTUAL Stall.

Our Commitment to YOU

The Team at VIRTUAL Trade and the FOURWAYS Community Chamber of Commerce are making our commitment to YOU and to “rebuilding a SHATTERED economy”.

1. We will provide the platform and host the VIRTUAL Trade event on Heritage Day 24th Sep 2020.

2. We are opening up the registration for the show to ALL businesses & organisations local and global, who believe in, and would like to participate in making this mission a reality.

3. We have engaged with world class speakers to add their knowledge, expertise and insights to the mission.

4. Our goal is to 10X from our previous event.

5. The value offering here is MASSIVE.

How are we going to achieve this? Well, that is where YOU come in!

How can YOU participate and benefit from this event

Match our COMMITMENT. YOU can do this in any number of ways:

1. Register YOUR business or organisation on our platform, load YOUR products and/or services. Full instructions on what to do can be found here.

2. Decide how you can make YOUR contribution. It can be in any of the following ways (or combinations thereof):

  • Contribute any amount or resource you are able to, OR;
  • Invite 10 other businesses or organisations; your customers or suppliers; to register and load their products and services just as you have, OR;
  • Invite 200 of YOUR own customers, connections, colleagues, associates to register as visitors, OR;
  • Pay for YOUR exhibit, a simple once-off payment of R10,000 (500 Euro, USD, GBP).

We are doing this on the basis of the “Honour” system. We will not police or enforce payment or invitations in any way. We trust that by us paying it forward, you will do the same. Should you wish to make a payment as part of your commitment, please indicate that in the commitment message and we will forward you the banking details.

We are also inviting sponsors to participate in our event.

Headline packages start at R100,000 (5,000 Euro, USD, GBP). You will get full coverage of the event, both on the day, in key banner locations of the website and mentions in the live and recorded sessions, which will be broadcast live on Facebook and recorded and uploaded to YouTube after the event. Various sponsorship packages are available to be negotiated.

Please enter your details and YOUR commitment below

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